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Slovenian Society of Cardiology - Cardiology Academy

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Contemporary cardiology at the crossroads 2018: From CVD prevention to acute / advanced case treatment  
20. - 21. september 2018
Ljubljana, Domus Medica, Blue Hall

20. september 2018
18.00-18.15Welcome address and opening of the meeting
Zlatko Fras, President - Slovenian Society of Cardiology
18.15-18.45Invited plenary lecture: Is it better to prevent or should we intervene - what contributes more to outcomes in cardiology?
Zlatko Fras
18.45-20.15Expert panel presentations & discussion: CVD practice / prevention - country presentations
Panelists from different countries - Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic
Key points:
  • How is CVD primary and secondary prevention organized in the country?
  • What is in focus in the country - a CVD prevention or intervention?
  • What are the highlights/biggest achievements in CVD prevention and/or intervention in the country?
  • Which steps are taken in the country in order to improve the situation in CVD treatment and prevention?
  • Differences between ESC guidelines for CVD prevention and the real clinical practice / the reasons for these differences?

21. september 2018
8.30-14.30Advances in cardiology - Clinical practice experience and how best to implement guidelines and recommendations
Invited plenary lectures
8.30-9.00Centralized postresuscitation treatment of patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest - Ljubljana experience
Peter Radšel
9.00-9.30Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in patients with profound cardiorespiratory failure
Marko Noč
9.30-10.00Management of advanced heart failure
Bojan Vrtovec
10.30-11.00Break (coffee)
11.00-11.30Management of pregnant women with heart disease
Mirta Koželj
11.30-12.00Present role and vision on the treatment of aortic stenosis with TAVI
Matjaž Bunc
12.00-12.30Contemporary issues in cardiac pacing
Jerneja Tasič
13.00-13.30Taming the electrical storm: role of catheter ablation
Andrej Pernat
13.30-14.00Atrial fibrillation treatment - ablation vs. medial approach
Matjaž Šinkovec
14.20-14.30Closing Remarks
Programme Committee: Zlatko Fras (chairman), Matjaž Bunc, Marko Noč, Matjaž Šinkovec

Faculty: Matjaž Bunc, Zlatko Fras, Mirta Koželj, Marko Noč, Peter Radšel, Matjaž Šinkovec, Jerneja Tasič, Bojan Vrtovec

The symposium is supported by KRKA Pharmaceutical Company by providing the unrestricted educational grant to the Slovenian Society of Cardiology.


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